Because Barry Allen made such a strong impact on Arrow, there’s a lot of left-over business, especially between Barry and Felicity. So, we really wanted to deal with that, sooner rather than later. And then, when the idea for the bigger cross-over came up, it just felt like every one of these episodes is an event. That’s one of the things we learned over the course of two seasons of Arrow. There are no miss-able episodes. What can you do to make sure that everyone watches an episode? And sometimes that’s the guest star, or the big plot twist. With these first Arrow episodes, and these first Flash episodes, because of the benefit of working on both shows, there’s something amazing and something game-changing in every one of these episodes. And then, because Episode 9 will be the mid-season finale for both shows, and they’ll have their own reasons to tune in, Episode 8 felt like a great opportunity to bring the two shows together.

There really aren’t that many characters that we’ve asked (DC Comics) to use, that we haven’t gotten access to. Fortunately for us, with Arrow, we were able to bring on Deathstroke and The Huntress, and this year we have Katana. It was actually DC comics’ idea for us to use Ray Palmer/The Atom. On The Flash, with Geoff Johns, our partner, we’ve carved out this whole world of characters that we have access to. There are the big ones that fit into the Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman mythos, but since we’re not using those characters, they’re subsidiary characters don’t really feel necessary to us. We never feel like we’re confined. We’re more impressed that we get to play with as many characters as we do. By the end of this season, on both shows, we’ll have Green Arrow, Black Canary, Katana, The Atom, Firestorm and The Flash. We’ve got a pretty good chunk of the Justice League, on both shows. We never look at ourselves as limited. We just look at ourselves as blessed that we get to play with as many of these characters as we do. You always want your lead to be the coolest character on the show. If you’ve got Green Arrow and The Flash, why would you want Batman and Superman around? I think we’ve figured out how to do those characters really well. There’s something very distancing about Superman and Batman that I think works so well in the features, but that I’m not sure would necessarily lend themselves to a weekly series. We’re very happy with the characters that we have.

Both episode 8 of #Arrow’ and #TheFlash’ will be a two-part cross-over. Not to toot our own horns, but I think we’ve designed it in a way that, if you’re not watching ‘The Flash,’ you can just enjoy it from the ‘Arrow’ perspective, where these crazy ‘Flash’ people show up for an episode, and vice versa. We don’t want to be brazen and assume that everybody is watching both shows. Hopefully, they will be. But at the same time, if you are watching both shows, you’re really gonna get a fun, cool two-night event.
Andrew Kreisberg talks about Arrow-The Flash crossover episodes || (7/21/2014)

Don’t expect #Arrow and The Flash to be standoffish with each other this coming season.

Not only will Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) of “Arrow” appear on the fourth episode of the first season of “The Flash,” but the eighth episodes of both CW shows will make up a “mega-crossover event,” in the words of executive producer Greg Berlanti.


Richard Keats and Michael Daingerfield had been cast in Episode 1 of Season 3.

Richard Keats will make his sixth appearance as DOCTOR LOCKHART, the only doctor in Starling City seemingly willing to treat the cast’s various injuries - The question here is…Who needs his services?

Michael Daingerfield reprises his role as NED FOSTER in this episode. Foster first appeared in S1 as the COO of Queen Industries, who pressures Moira into becoming CEO after Walter’s absence. The second time was in Ep 2x19 “Men under the Hood”
- This appearance would probably be related to the appointment of the new Queen Consolidated’s CEO Ray Palmer


Big Belly Burger is one of the largest fast-food burger chains in the United States. The restaurant was founded in Coast City and has since expanded nation-wide. As a subsidiary of LexCorp that specializes in bellybusting hamburgers, french fries.

On Arrow, Diggle brought Oliver and Tommy to a Big Belly Burger restaurant after they were beat up by Max Fuller’s henchmen. John later came here for a meal, and for a chat with his sister-in-law, Carly, who was a waitress there. Oliver has also taken his younger sister Thea and his mother Moira there. Thea has even taken Roy Harper to eat there.
The Canary first appeared outside of the restaurant after a female employee was attacked by a group of thugs.

#100ArrowDCComicsEasterEggs | 78 days until the Season Premiere

Arrow’ Season 3 features Roy Harper becoming Arsenal, post-mirakuru. Find out what actor Colton Haynes has to say about that in this interview.

Zap2it: What can you tease about the Season 3 premiere?
Haynes: I can tease an Olicity date. I think Roy and Diggle are aware of the chemistry. They’re finally aware of it in the first episode. They’re like, ‘Huh?’

What is Roy going to be like in the new season?
The cool part about Roy is his dry sense of humor gets him in a little trouble, but I think you’re going to see a lot more of his sense of humor this year. And he’s also becoming Arsenal. I mean, that’s going to be huge. He’s such a bad-a** character.

It’s the route that Roy Harper takes. He took three different routes [in the comics]: Red Arrow, Arsenal or Speedy. Arsenal is his true calling, and he’s got a lot of bad-a** techniques that he learns along the way.

How is his life, post-mirakuru?
They’re going to try to keep giving him the cure. If he doesn’t have it, he’s gonna kill more people. Possibly people that he loves — so they’ve got to watch out.

Thea and Roy officially broke up in the Season 2 finale, before Thea ran away with Merlyn. Is there any chance of a reconciliation with Roy?
I think there’s always a chance. They’re true loves for each other, but Roy wants her to be happy over anything. And if that means they have to take a break or they don’t ever have to get back together, he just wants her to be happy. 


In the comics, PROFESSOR IVO is a mad scientist and an enemy to the Justice League. His obsession with prolonging life lead to a career in cybernetics, and he achieved immortality through a special serum. The most famous robots he created include Amazo (same name as the ship in Arrow) and Tomorrow Woman. He has also been a member of Locus and the Secret Society of Super-Villains

On Arrow, DR ANTHONY IVO was a scientist looking to unearth a breakthrough dating back to the latter days of World War II, namely Mirakuru, a deadly serum that gave its users superhuman powers and abilities.

#100ArrowDCComicsEasterEggs | 80 days until the Season Premiere

Source: DC Comics Database | Arrow Wiki

The third episode of Arrow’s third season will be titled “Corto Maltese,” Green Arrow TV revealed yesterday.

Named after an island off the coast of South America, the locale was created for Frank Miller’s classic The Dark Knight Returns. It was referenced in Arrow’s first season, when Oliver said that Deadshot had been operating out of the island prior to arriving in Starling City.

That the locale has a connection to Deadshot will of course bring up questions as to whether this could be a Suicide Squad episode. It might also be interesting to see whether it plays a larger role in the present day or the flashbacks.

In The Dark Knight Returns, Corto Maltese was at the center of an event very much like the Cuban Missile Crisis. Since that event involved the Soviets, it could also be that the KGBeast — who is appearing in the New 52 for the first time soon with stories in Suicide Squad and Aquaman and the Others — is involved. His alter ego, Anatoli Knyazev, appeared regularly throughout Arrow’s second season.

The Corto Maltese revolution was an event referenced in 1989’s Batman, repeatedly cited as the news story for which Vicki Vale won international acclaim.